RV: the Open Road

Super C Motorhomes - Class C Diesel Motorhomes

It seems that most people nowadays are looking for the shortest route to their vacation destination: flying.  They don’t want to listen to their kids complaining that the drive is taking too long or wondering when you’re going to get wherever that you’re traveling to. Let’s face it, car rides can be long and boring, and cramped at that.  You don’t have much space in a car, especially if you’re family with kids.  Have you ever considered the alternative?  Get an RV. Whether you already own one or have to rent one, it’s a great way to travel and there are so many benefits from it.


There are RVs that fit everyone’s family size. Small personable RV’s up to very large RVs that include spacious dwelling spaces.   You don’t have to worry so much about trying to fit everything you need in a suitcase or all in the trunk of your car or even be concerned if it’s allowed on the airplane or not.  Pack what you, as much as you want.  They have comfy couches to relax on, table to sit at, kitchens with stovetops to cook and sinks to wash in, a bathroom with a toilet and shower and even beds to sleep in.  All the comforts of home that you get to take with you on wheels.


RV traveling allows your family the space to do what they want without all the extra complaining.   Whether the kids want to sit at the table and play games or color, or relax on the couch and read a magazine or watch a movie, or even taking a nap on one of the beds.  Some RVs include bunk beds so you don’t have to worry about where the kids will be sleeping.  You can also make prepare a meal, fix a snack, or get a drink when you need it.  No more making hourly pit stops at rest areas or gas stations for kids to use the restroom. Road trips can take forever when someone has to use the restroom all the time.


Another plus side of RV traveling, you even get to pack your family dog.  No more worrying about find a decent boarding facility while on vacation or finding a family or friend to watch him. Traveling in an RV gets you that extra space where he can fit and roam and still be a part of the family.


Arizona has limitless amount of RV Destinations in which some include the Phoenix International Raceway, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Havasu Falls, Quartzsite, Tombstone, Flagstaff, Tucson, and many more places.


Traveling in an RV allows you to choose where you want to go and when you want to go. It allows you to make those scenic side trips to let the kids and dogs out play outside.  No more time schedules to be held by, no more hotel reservations, and no more spendy food stops to feed the family.  Stop wherever you like, day or night and enjoy all the sights Arizona has to offer. Our friend who owns Tempe Landscaping Pro’s (tempelandscapingpros.com) rented and RV and him and his family had one of the most amazing vacations they’ve ever had! These people have traveled around the world and they said the RV was on of their favorites so please keep this option in mind for the next time you travel!